John Brockman [3.10.16]

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   March 27, 2016


  • #9 UNIVERSE, by John Brockman. (Harper Perennial.) Physicists and science writers explain the universe.

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CONTENTS: A Golden Age of Cosmology Alan Guth  The Cyclic Universe Paul Steinhardt  A Balloon Producing Balloons Producing Balloons Andrei Linde  Theories of the Brane Lisa Randall  The Cyclic Universe Neil Turok  Why Does the Universe Look the Way It Does? Sean Carroll  In the Matrix Martin Rees  Think About Nature Lee Smolin  The Landscape Leonard Susskind  Smolin vs. Susskind: The Anthropic Principle Lee Smolin, Leonard Susskind  Science Is Not About Certainty Carlo Rovelli  The Energy of Empty Space That Isn't Zero Lawrence Krauss  Einstein: An Edge Symposium Brian Greene, Walter Isaacson, Paul Steinhardt  Einstein and Poincaré  Peter Galison  Thinking About the Universe on the Larger Scales Raphael Bousso Quantum Monkeys Seth Lloyd  The Nobel Prize and After Frank Wilczek  Who Cares About Fireflies? Steven Strogatz  Constructor Theory David Deutsch  A Theory of Roughness Benoit Mandelbrot (with an introduction by John Brockman)