John Brockman [6.26.12]

Chris Anderson, Samuel Arbesman, Dan Ariely, Scott Atran, John D. Barrow, Mary Catherine Bateson, Roy Baumeister, Gregory Benford, Jesse Bering, Nick Bilton, Max Brockman, John Brockman, David Brooks, Benedict Carey, Noam Chomsky, George Church, Patricia Churchland, Douglas Coupland, Brian Cox, Austin Dacey, Antonio Damasio, Richard Dawkins, Emanuel Derman, Keith Devlin, David Deutsch, Peter Diamandis, Cory Doctorow , George Dyson, David M. Eagleman, Dylan Evans, Daniel L. Everett, Stuart Firestein, Michael Gazzaniga, James Geary, David Gelernter, Herbert Gintis, Rebecca Goldstein, John Gottman, Jonathan Gottschall, A. C. Grayling, Brian Greene, Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris, Paul Harris, Mark Henderson, Roger Highfield, Bruce Hood, John Horgan, Arianna Huffington, Walter Isaacson, Alok Jha, Steven Johnson, Daniel Kahneman, Eric R. Kandel, Andrew Keen, Christian Keysers, Lawrence M. Krauss, Robert Kurzban, Jonah Lehrer, John Lloyd, Benoit Mandelbrot, Gary Marcus, Annalena Mcafee, Tom Mccarthy, Pamela Mccorduck, John Mcwhorter, Evgeny Morozov, Steve Nadis, John Naughton, Alva Noë, Martin Nowak, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mark Pagel, Elaine Pagels, Heinz R Pagels, Bruce Parker, Clifford Pickover, Steven Pinker, William Poundstone, Robert Provine, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Lisa Randall, Martin Rees, Ed Regis, Howard Rheingold, Steven Rose , Robin S. Rosenberg, Carlo Rovelli, Rudy Rucker, Douglas Rushkoff, Dimitar Sasselov, Martin Seligman, Karoly Simonyi, Laurence C. Smith, Christopher Stringer, Steven Strogatz, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Don Tapscott, Eric J. Topol, M.D., Robert Trivers, Sherry Turkle, Neil Turok, Ai Weiwei, Margaret Wertheim, Timothy D. Wilson, David Sloan Wilson, E. O. Wilson, Naomi Wolf, Nathan Wolfe, Shing- Tung Yau, Carl Zimmer, Phil Zuckerman


Chris Anderson
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution
Samuel Arbesman
The Half-life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Date
Dan Ariely
The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone--Especially Ourselves

Scott Atran
Talking to the Enemy
John D. Barrow
The Book of Universes: Exploring the Limits of the Cosmos
Mary Catherine Bateson
Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom

Roy Baumeister
and John Tierney

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
Gregory Benford
Jesse Bering
Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: And Other Reflections on Being Human

Nick Bilton
I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works: Why Your World, Work & Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted
Max Brockman
Future Science: Essays from the Cutting Edge
John Brockman
This Will Make You Smarter

John Brockman
John Brockman
David Brooks
The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement

Benedict Carey
Poison Most Vial: A Mystery
Noam Chomsky
Occupy (Occupied Media Pamphlet Series)
Patricia Churchland
Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality

Douglas Coupland
Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People
Brian Cox & Arthur Cohen
Wonders of the Universe
Austin Dacey
The Future of Blasphemy: Speaking of the Sacred in an Age of Human Rights

Antonio Damasio
Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain
Richard Dawkins & Dave Mckean
The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
Emanuel Derman
Models.Behaving.Badly: Why Confusing Illusion with Reality Can Lead to Disaster, on Wall Street and in Life

Keith Devlin
The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution
David Deutsch
The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World
Peter Diamandis
Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross
The Rapture of the Nerds
George Dyson
Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe
David M. Eagleman
Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

Dylan Evans
Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty
Daniel L. Everett
Language: The Cultural Tool
Stuart Firestein
Ignorance: How It Drives Science

Michael Gazzaniga
Who's in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain
James Geary
Is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How It Shapes the Way We See the Worl
David Gelernter
America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered In the Obamacrats)

Herbert Gintis & Samuel Bowles
A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution


Rebecca Goldstein
36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction
John Gottman & Nan Silver
What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal

Jonathan Gottschall
The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human
A. C. Grayling
The Good Book
Brian Greene
The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos

Jonathan Haidt
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion
Sam Harris
Sam Harris
Free Will

Paul Harris
Trusting What You're Told: How Children Learn from Others
Mark Henderson
The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters
Bruce Hood
The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity

John Horgan
The End of War
Arianna Huffington
Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Ordinary Citizen
Walter Isaacson
Steve Jobs

Alok Jha
50 Ways the World Is Going to End: The Biggest Threats to the Planet. by Alok Jha
Steven Johnson
Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
Daniel Kahneman
Thinking, Fast and Slow

Eric R. Kandel
The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present
Andrew Keen
Digital Vertigo: How Today's Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing, and Disorienting Us
Christian Keysers
The Empathic Brain

Lawrence M. Krauss
A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing
Robert Kurzban
Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite: Evolution and the Modular Mind
Jonah Lehrer
Imagine: How Creativity Works

John Lloyd
The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is (Still) Wrong
Benoit Mandelbrot
The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick
Gary Marcus
Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning

Annalena Mcafee
The Spoiler
Tom Mccarthy
Tintin and the Secret of Literature
Pamela Mccorduck
Bounded Rationality, A Novel

John Mcwhorter
What Language Is
Evgeny Morozov
The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom
Steve Nadis & Shing- Tung Yau
The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions

John Naughton
Knowledge: Everything You Really Need to Know about the Internet
Alva Noë
Varieties of Presence
Martin Nowak with Roger Highfield

Hans Ulrich Obrist
A Brief History of Curating
Mark Pagel
Wired for Culture: Origins of the Human Social Mind
Elaine Pagels

Heinz R Pagels
The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature (Dover Books on Physics)
Bruce Parker
The Power of the Sea: Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Rogue Waves, and Our Quest to Predict Disasters (Macsci) [paperback]
Clifford Pickover
The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection, 250 Milestones in the History of Physics (Sterling Milestones)

Steven Pinker
The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined
William Poundstone
Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?
Robert Provine
Curious Behavior: Yawning, Laughing, Hiccupping, and Beyond

Vilayanur Ramachandran
The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human
Lisa Randall
Knocking on Heaven's Door: How Physics and Scientific Thinking Illuminate the Universe and the Modern World
Martin Rees
From Here to Infinity: A Vision for the Future of Science

Ed Regis & George Church
Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves
Howard Rheingold
Net Smart: How to Thrive Online
Steven Rose & Hilary Rose
Genes, Cells and Brains: Bioscience's Promethean Promises

Robin S. Rosenberg
The Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Understanding Lisbeth Salander and Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy
Carlo Rovelli
The First Scientist: Anaximander and His Legacy
Rudy Rucker
Surfing the Gnarl (Outspoken Authors)

Douglas Rushkoff
Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age
Dimitar Sasselov
The Life of Super-Earths: How the Hunt for Alien Worlds and Artificial Cells Will Revolutionize Life on Our Planet
Martin Seligman
Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being

Karoly Simonyi
A Cultural History of Physics
Laurence C. Smith
The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future
Christopher Stringer
Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth

Steven Strogatz
The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams
Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet

Eric J. Topol, M D
The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care
Robert Trivers
The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life
Sherry Turkle
Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Neil Turok
The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos (CBC Massey Lecture)
Ai Weiwei
Margaret Wertheim
Physics on the Fringe: Smoke Rings, Circlons, and Alternative Theories of Everything

Timothy D. Wilson
Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change
David Sloan Wilson
The Neighborhood Project: Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a Time
E. O. Wilson
The Social Conquest of Earth

Naomi Wolf
Vagina: A New Biography
Nathan Wolfe
The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age
Carl Zimmer
A Planet of Viruses


  Phil Zuckerman
Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion