John C. Dvorak

John Dvorak
John C. Dvorak
Columnist; Broadcaster in areas of technology and computing

Silicon Spin host JOHN C. DVORAK is a renowned, award-winning analyst in the high tech field. He is a contributing editor of PC Magazine, where he has been writing two columns, including the popular "Inside Track," since 1986. Dvorak has won eight national awards from the Computer Press Association, including best columnist and best column.

Dvorak's work appears in several magazines and newspapers including Boardwatch, Computer Shopper, and PC Computing. He is also the author of several books on computing including the popular Dvorak's Guide to Telecommunications. His radio show, Real Computing, can be heard on public radio.

"John C. Dvorak is definitely an industry gadfly, but he's worked at being one. Everything with John is incredibly calculated. If you talk to John much you'll realize that he thinks about things like cross-marketing himself. What an absolutely bizarre concept. But he's really the funniest person in the personal computer industry, he's one of the most irreverent, and he doesn't tolerate all the bullshit that goes down, which is my favorite quality about him. He doesn't buy into this vision shit and he's a useful antidote to the mass delirium that goes on around technology."

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