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Life in the Time of COVID
Life In the Time of COVID
With a Foreword by Daniel Kahneman
Contributor(s): Paul Davies, George Dyson, Julian Barbour, Stuart A. Kauffman, Freeman Dyson, Neil Gershenfeld, Leonard Susskind, John Brockman, Virginia Louise Trimble, Alan Guth, Gino Segre, Sara Lippincott, Emanuel Derman, Jeremy Bernstein, George Johnson, Seth Lloyd, W. Brian Arthur, W. Daniel Hillis, Frank Tipler, Karl Sabbagh, Daniel C. Dennett
25 Ways of Looking at AI
Chapter 1 - "Wrong, but More Relevant Than Ever" - on Slate
Chapter 21 - "AIs Versus Four-Year-Olds" - First Serial on Smithsonian
Lightning talks by thirteen “Possible Minders” at the Brattle Theatre—a Harvard Bookstore Event
Six Characters in Search of an Author
Chapter 5 - "What Can We Do?" - First Serial on Wired
Chapter 23 - "The Rights of Machines" - First Serial on Medium
The Future of Computing is Analog
Contributor(s): Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi
By Philipp Holstein
What drives the brightest minds
On Sale Now!
Danny Hillis's 1991 EDGE Special Project, Reprised
Today's Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developments
On the 40th Anniversary of "The Selfish Gene"
Mentioned:  Richard Dawkins
Contributor(s): George Dyson, Ray Kurzweil, Rodney A. Brooks, Neil Gershenfeld, Daniel C. Dennett, Kevin Kelly, Jaron Lanier, Michael Hawley, Lee Smolin, Roger Schank, Brian Greene, Nicholas Negroponte, Pattie Maes, Gary Marcus, Sherry Turkle, W. Daniel Hillis, Tod Machover, Ed Boyden, Ken Forbus
[Neunzehn Gründe, warum Ehen glücken]
An EDGE Special Event!
Contributor(s): Scott Atran, Daniel L. Everett, Dan Sperber, James J. O'Donnell, Larry Brilliant, MD, Lisa Randall, Lee Smolin, John Tooby, Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran
Edge Master Class—Summer 2015
Feuilleton | Future
A Symposium
A Conversation with
Mentioned:  John Brockman