Digerati - Chapter 28


Chapter 28


Cliff Stoll

THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER (Bill Gates): There's certainly a need, as people get caught up in the excitement of all this stuff, to have someone who can take the opposing viewpoint and point out, in some cases, correctly, how, 'hey, it's still all fairly hard to use and still fairly expensive. Let's not use sight of what was good about the previous ways of doing things.' There's definitely a role there and I think he's done very well positioning himself for that devil's advocate-type role. Sometimes I think he underestimates how, over the next few years, the industry will do a very good job getting rid of some of the limitations he criticizes. His book, Cuckoo's Egg, was my favorite of his two books.

Cliff Stoll is an astrophysicist and the author of Silicon Snake Oil (1995) and The Cuckoo's Egg (1994).

Digerati - Chapter 27


Chapter 27


Bob Stein

THE ORACLE (Paul Saffo): Bob Stein is the professional maniac who is not afraid to go off and do something that seems absolutely absurd to everyone else who does not have his vision. People like Bob make things happen. He is the publisher born before his time, born before the printing presses were good enough to do the things he wanted to do.

Bob Stein is founder of the Voyager Company.

Digerati - Chapter 26


Chapter 26


Paul Saffo

THE SCOUT (Stewart Brand): Nobody in the business gives better quote than Saffo. Every journalist who calls him gets someone who is familiar with the news flash of the day and its deeper significance. Paul speaks with succinct eloquence.

Paul Saffo is director of the Institute for the Future, a twenty-nine-year-old research and forecasting foundation located in Menlo Park, California.

Digerati - Chapter 25


Chapter 25


Louis Rossetto

THE ORACLE (Paul Saffo): Louis popularized cyberspace. He took it out of the hands of an elite few and made it conceptually accessible to anyone who might want to participate.

Louis Rossetto is editor and publisher of Wired and HotWired, and cofounder and CEO of Wired Ventures, Inc. 

Digerati - Chapter 24


Chapter 24


Howard Rheingold

THE CYBERANALYST (Sherry Turkle): Howard Rheingold sees things that others simply hadn't noticed before. And he knows how to explain why they are important and why you need to pay attention to them.

Howard Rheingold is the author of Virtual Reality (1991), and The Virtual Community (1993), and was the editor of Whole Earth Review and the Millennium Whole Earth Catalog (1995). His weekly column, "Tomorrow," is syndicated by King Features. His new webzine, Electric Minds, can be found at 

Digerati - Chapter 23


Chapter 23


Kip Parent

THE FORCE (John McCrea): Kip Parent is one of the original drivers of Silicon Graphics' adoption of the Web. He developed and managed Silicon Surf, which is about taking the message of the company externally via the Internet.

Kip Parent is founder of Pantheon Interactive and is former electronic sales manager of Silicon Graphics.

Digerati - Chapter 22


Chapter 22


Jane Metcalfe

THE CATALYST (Linda Stone): In so many ways Jane is the heart of Wired. She's the president, and she's an effective businessperson. Her energy has been core in building that organization.

Jane Metcalfe is the president and cofounder of Wired Ventures. She is also a board member emeritus of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 

Digerati - Chapter 21


Chapter 21


Scott McNealy

THE GENIUS (W. Daniel Hillis): For the last decade, I have heard nearly every year that Sun was facing a great problem. Somehow it has always managed to stay ahead. Now it's clear that Sun and Scott are flying high and everyone is wondering how they do it. They did it by hiring smart people and letting them take risks, and they moved fast enough to stay ahead of their mistakes.

Scott McNealy is the cofounder and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Digerati - Chapter 20


Chapter 20


John McCrea

THE WEBMASTER (Kip Parent): John McCrea has been a tremendous force at Silicon Graphics. He was able to rally the engineering and marketing people in the company around the Web, and he managed to build the WebFORCE product line into a rapidly growing business within the company. It is a tremendous success. John is definitely someone who sees the big picture and has a vision. He rallies people around him and makes things happen. 

John McCrea is the manager of Cosmo, Silicon Graphics's next-generation Web software product line.

Digerati - Chapter 19


Chapter 19


John Markoff

THE ORACLE (Paul Saffo): Markoff is a special kind of infonaut. He has an academic's curiosity and doggedness, but his wonderful practical streak, much to our good fortune, means he's writing in The New York Times rather than in some dry academic journal. The important thing about Markoff is that he doesn't just get the scoop. He gets the scoop behind the scoop. He tells us about something we didn't know was happening, then goes down another layer to what it means in the larger context.

John Markoff covers the computer industry and technology for The New York Times. He is the coauthor of The High Cost of High Tech (with Lennie Siegel, 1985); Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier (with Katie Hafner, 1991); and Takedown: The Pursuit and Capture of America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw (with Tsutomu Shimomura, 1995). 


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