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jason_calacanis's picture
Jason Calacanis

Internet Entrepreneur; Angel Investor

william_h_calvin's picture
William H. Calvin

Theoretical Neurobiologist; Affiliate Professor Emeritus, University of Washington; Author, Global Fever

philip_campbell's picture
Philip Campbell

Editor-in-Chief of Nature since 1995; Beginning summer 2018, he will become Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature’s portfolio of journals, books and magazines

jimena_canales's picture
Jimena Canales

Writer and faculty at the Graduate College, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign; Author, The Physicist and the Philosopher

benedict_carey's picture
Benedict Carey

Science Reporter, the New York Times

doug_carlston's picture
Doug Carlston

Software Developer

geoffrey_carr's picture
Geoffrey Carr

Science Editor

nicholas_g_carr's picture
Nicholas G. Carr

Author, Utopia is Creepy

sean_carroll's picture
Sean Carroll

Theoretical Physicist, Caltech; Author, Something Deeply Hidden

marlies_a_carruth's picture
Marlies A. Carruth

Director, MacArthur Fellows Program

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Denise Caruso

Digital Commerce/Technology Columnist, the New York Times

jean_case's picture
Jean Case

CEO of the Case Foundation

steve_case's picture
Steve Case

Chairman and CEO, Revolution LLC; Co-founder, AOL; Chairman, The Case Foundation

maurizio_cattelan's picture
Maurizio Cattelan

Italian artist

christopher_chabris's picture
Christopher Chabris

Senior Investigator, Geisinger Health System; Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Toulouse, France; Co-author, The Invisible Gorilla

napoleon_chagnon's picture
Napoleon Chagnon

Research Professor of Anthropology, University of Missouri; Author of Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes—the Yanomamö and the Anthropologists.

david_chalmers's picture
David Chalmers

Professor, Philosophy & Neural Science; Co-Director, Center for Mind, Brain, & Consciousness, NYU; Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Australian National U.; Author, Reality+

leo_m_chalupa's picture
Leo M. Chalupa

Neurobiologist; Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology, George Washington University

laura_chang's picture
Laura Chang

Journalist, New York Times

jeremy_cherfas's picture
Jeremy Cherfas

Biologist; Senior Science Writer, Bioversity International; Managing Director, Green Ink

raj_chetty's picture
Raj Chetty

Bloomberg Professor of Economics, Harvard University

ashvin_chhabra's picture
Ashvin Chhabra

Investor, Physicist, Author: The Aspirational Investor

joan_chiao's picture
Joan Chiao

Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University

jaeweon_cho's picture
Jaeweon Cho

Professor of Environmental Engineering, UNIST; Director, Science Walden Center

noam_chomsky's picture
Noam Chomsky

Linguist, MIT; Political Activist; Media Theorist

luyen_chou's picture
Luyen Chou

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Pearson

nicholas_a_christakis's picture
Nicholas A. Christakis

Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science, Yale University; Co-author, Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

david_christian's picture
David Christian

Director, Big History Institute and Distinguished Professor in History, Macquarie University, Sydney; Author, Origin Story

brian_christian's picture
Brian Christian

Author, The Most Human Human; Co-author (with Tom Griffiths), The Alignment Problem

george_church's picture
George Church

Professor, Harvard University; Director, Personal Genome Project; Co-author (with Ed Regis), Regenesis

patricia_s_churchland's picture
Patricia S. Churchland

Philosopher and Neuroscientist; Author, Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition

kathryn_clancy's picture
Kathryn Clancy

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Writer

andy_clark's picture
Andy Clark

Professor of Cognitive Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Department of Informatics, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK; Author, Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind

julia_clarke's picture
Julia Clarke

John A. Wilson Professor and HHMI Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin

john_m_coates's picture
John M Coates

Neuroscientist; Research Fellow, Cambridge; Author, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

gregory_cochran's picture
Gregory Cochran

Consultant; Adaptive Optics and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of Utah; Coauthor (with Henry Harpending), The 10,000 Year Explosion

peter_cochrane's picture
Peter Cochrane

Founding Partner, Formicio; Chairman & CEO, Cochrane Associates

june_cohen's picture
June Cohen

Executive Producer, TED Media

keith_coleman's picture
Keith Coleman

Gmail Project Manager, Google

sidney_coleman's picture
Sidney Coleman

Physicist, Harvard University

alana_conner's picture
Alana Conner

Cultural psychologist, writer, and consultant

tony_conrad's picture
Tony Conrad

Experimental Filmmaker; Musician/Composer

sam_cooke's picture
Sam Cooke

Post-Doctoral Fellow, MIT

ron_cooper's picture
Ron Cooper


leda_cosmides's picture
Leda Cosmides

Professor of Psychology at UCSB

douglas_coupland's picture
Douglas Coupland

Writer, Artist, Designer; Author; Google Artist in Residence

iain_couzin's picture
Iain Couzin

Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

peter_coveney's picture
Peter Coveney

Chair, Physical Chemistry, Director, Centre for Computational Science (CCS), University College London

tyler_cowen's picture
Tyler Cowen

Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics, George Mason University; Distinguished Senior Fellow, F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; General Director, Mercatus Center

brian_cox's picture
Brian Cox

Particle physicist, Royal Society University Research Fellow and a professor at the University of Manchester; Musician

jerry_a_coyne's picture
Jerry A. Coyne

Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago; Author, Why Evolution is True; Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible.

ann_crittenden's picture
Ann Crittenden

Journalist; Lecturer; Author, If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything

james_croak's picture
James Croak


molly_crockett's picture
Molly Crockett

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University; Distinguished Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

helena_cronin's picture
Helena Cronin

Co-director of LSE's Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science; Author, The Ant and the Peacock: Altruism and Sexual Selection from Darwin to Today

mihaly_csikszentmihalyi's picture
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Psychologist; Director, Quality of Life Research Center, Claremont Graduate University; Author, Flow

alfonso_cuar_n's picture
Alfonso Cuarón

Mexican filmmaker, screenwriter and film producer; Recipient, 2014 Academy Award Oscar for Best Director for Gravity

amy_jc_cuddy's picture
Amy J.C. Cuddy

Associate Professor of Business Administration, Hellman Faculty Fellow, Harvard Business School

oliver_scott_curry's picture
Oliver Scott Curry

Senior Researcher, Director, The Oxford Morals Project, Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford

garniss_curtis's picture
Garniss Curtis

Geochronologist Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

fiery_cushman's picture
Fiery Cushman

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

steffi_czerny's picture
Steffi Czerny

Co-founder, DLD Conference; Managing Director of DLD Media and co-founder of DLD Conference; Founder, DLDwomen Conference