Jennifer Jacquet

Jennifer Jacquet
Jennifer Jacquet
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, NYU; Author, Is Shame Necessary?

JENNIFER JACQUET is an assistant professor of environmental studies at NYU. She was formerly a postdoctoral researcher, Fisheries Centre/Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, where she also did her Ph.D. 

She works at the intersection of conservation, cooperation, and technology, with an emphasis on the evolution, function, and future of shame. 

Her areas of research/interest include marine ecology; conservation & evolutionary biology; cooperation; social approval; the evolution and function of guilt, honor, and shame, and the role of information technology in shaping environmental action—which fall under a broad interest in the tragedy of the commons.

With colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and UBC's Math Department, she has conducted a series of experiments to study the effect of honor and shame on cooperation. She formerly wrote the Guilty Planet blog at Scientific American.

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