Edward H. "Eddie" Currie

Edward  Currie
Edward H. "Eddie" Currie
Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, Hofstra University School of Engineering; VP & General Manager, MITS, 1975-78

EDDIE CURRIE is an Associate Professor in Hofstra’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences where he teaches courses in electrical engineering and computer science. His current research focus is on automated systems for wound closure and microchannel plate applications in the fields of bioengineering, medicine and color night vision.

Ed Roberts, founder of MITS and the Altair, the world’s first personal computer, and Eddie Currie met in elementary school and attended junior high and high school together. This led to both ending up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and what was to be a longterm relationship with Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  

From 1975 until 1980, he was the executive VP and General manager of MITS, the creator of the world’s first personal computer. MITS introduced the world’s first computer stores, traveling microcomputer road shows, microcomputer conferences, microcomputer newsletter, microcomputer software publishing, etc.

In 1978, following the acquisition of MITS by Pertec Computer Corporation, he served as product manager for Pertec’s Microcomputer Division. Late in 1981, he became VP of Marketing for InterSoft Incorporated (dba Lifeboat Associates), the largest publisher of applications and microcomputer operating systems in the world, where he cofounded PC Magazine and subsequently served as its CEO. In 1988, he founded Image Soft Incorporated, a publisher of software development tools and introduced the world’s first C++ class library for Microsoft Windows development and the first C interpreter for microcomputers.  

He has authored numerous computer articles, written several books on Programmable Systems on a Chip (PSoCs), appeared on radio and TV and been quoted in The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fortune magazine, Newsweek, Time magazine, etc.

In addition to PC Magazine he also published the C++ Journal, PostScript Journal, Developer’s Newsletter, and Lifelines Magazine and served as a contributing editor for PC World and MacWorld.

He holds a BSEE, and MS/PhD in Physics from the University of Miami.