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Contributor(s): Stephen Jay Gould, W. Daniel Hillis, Daniel C. Dennett, George C. Williams
Contributor(s): Nicholas Humphrey, Niles Eldredge, Francisco Varela, J. Doyne Farmer, Daniel C. Dennett, W. Daniel Hillis, Brian Goodwin, Stephen Jay Gould
Contributor(s): Daniel C. Dennett, Steven Pinker, W. Daniel Hillis, Francisco Varela, Marvin Minsky, Murray Gell-Mann
Contributor(s): Francisco Varela, Steve Jones, Niles Eldredge, Daniel C. Dennett
Contributor(s): Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, Brian Goodwin, W. Daniel Hillis, Francisco Varela, Nicholas Humphrey, Roger Schank, Roger Penrose, Marvin Minsky
Contributor(s): Daniel C. Dennett, Evan Williams, Steve Jones, Brian Goodwin, Nicholas Humphrey, Steven Pinker, J. Doyne Farmer, Francisco Varela, Murray Gell-Mann, Niles Eldredge, Marvin Minsky, Stuart A. Kauffman
Contributor(s): Francisco Varela, Lynn Margulis, Daniel C. Dennett, Nicholas Humphrey, Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones, Stephen Jay Gould, Murray Gell-Mann
Contributor(s): Roger Schank, Marvin Minsky, Murray Gell-Mann, Lee Smolin, Alan Guth, Daniel C. Dennett, Richard Dawkins, W. Daniel Hillis, Francisco Varela, Steven Pinker, Steve Jones, Nicholas Humphrey
Contributor(s): Nicholas Humphrey, Alan Guth, Lee Smolin
Chapter 23: Close To The Singularity
Contributor(s): Marvin Minsky, Daniel C. Dennett, Christopher G. Langton, Francisco Varela, Roger Schank, Murray Gell-Mann
Contributor(s): Lee Smolin, Martin Rees
Contributor(s): W. Daniel Hillis, Lynn Margulis, George C. Williams, Daniel C. Dennett, Stephen Jay Gould
Contributor(s): Alan Guth, Martin Rees
Contributor(s): Alan Guth, Paul Davies, Roger Penrose, Murray Gell-Mann, Martin Rees
Contributor(s): Lynn Margulis, Brian Goodwin, Niles Eldredge, Daniel C. Dennett, Christopher G. Langton, W. Daniel Hillis, Stuart A. Kauffman
Contributor(s): Paul Davies, Marvin Minsky, Stuart A. Kauffman, Daniel C. Dennett, J. Doyne Farmer, Martin Rees, Lee Smolin, Alan Guth, Christopher G. Langton
Contributor(s): Murray Gell-Mann, Francisco Varela, Daniel C. Dennett, W. Daniel Hillis, Richard Dawkins, J. Doyne Farmer, Stuart A. Kauffman
Contributor(s): Christopher G. Langton, Richard Dawkins, Murray Gell-Mann, W. Daniel Hillis, Brian Goodwin, Francisco Varela
Contributor(s): Daniel C. Dennett, Niles Eldredge, Steven Pinker, Lynn Margulis, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould
Contributor(s): Steve Jones, Daniel C. Dennett, Stuart A. Kauffman, W. Daniel Hillis, Niles Eldredge, Steven Pinker, Brian Goodwin, Marvin Minsky, Lynn Margulis, George C. Williams
Contributor(s): Daniel C. Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Francisco Varela, Steven Pinker, Roger Schank


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