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Danny Hillis's 1991 EDGE Special Project, Reprised
Mentioned:  Sean Carroll, Max Tegmark, Alan Guth, Frank Wilczek, John C. Mather, Lisa Randall, Paul J. Steinhardt, Mario Livio, Andrei Linde, George Smoot, Neil Turok, Roger Penrose
Mentioned:  Elon Musk, Nick Bostrom, W. Daniel Hillis, Jeff Bezos
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman, Alison Gopnik
Contributor(s): Jennifer Jacquet, Nicholas Humphrey
Mentioned:  John Brockman
Mentioned:  Andrei Linde, Frank Wilczek, Ernst Mayr, Daniel C. Dennett, Ross Anderson, Elon Musk, Yuri Milner, Ray Kurzweil
How Species Adapt, or Don't, to City Living
Mentioned:  E. O. Wilson, Stephen Jay Gould
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman, Richard Dawkins
Today's Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developments
Mentioned:  Marvin Minsky, Daniel Kahneman, Judea Pearl, Peter Norvig, Roger Schank
Contributor(s): Donald D. Hoffman, Sean Carroll, Steve Omohundro, Thomas Metzinger
Mentioned:  Daniel C. Dennett, Nick Bostrom, Andy Clark, Jaron Lanier
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