Digerati - Acknowledgements

Digerati - Acknowledgements

Edge Editor [10.1.96]



I am grateful to Judy Herrick, who, for the past year, has presented me with thousands of pages of accurate transcriptions. I also want to thank a number of people at HardWired: Peter Rutten, the publisher, for his time and valuable suggestions; Donna Linden, production director, for her diligence and attentiveness; and Susanna Dulkinys, design director; Jennifer Colton, marketing director; Alex McOsker, marketing coordinator; Leslie Rossman, publicist; and Judith Dunham and Constance Hale, for their careful copy editing.

Thanks to Sarah Taylor at Brockman, Inc. who organized a great number of details in coordinating the final stages of the project.

Finally, special thanks and appreciation to Katinka Matson for her patience and support, and to our son, Max Brockman, who helped instigate the project, went on the road with me, videotaped many of the encounters, and assisted throughout.