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Six Characters in Search of an Author
Chapter 5 - "What Can We Do?" - First Serial on Wired
Chapter 23 - "The Rights of Machines" - First Serial on Medium
The Future of Computing is Analog
25 Ways of Looking at AI
How AI Technology Could Reshape the Human Mind and Create Alternate Synthetic Minds
Why Geography Matters
The digital revolution isn’t over but has turned into something else
Mentioned:  Heinz R Pagels
Contributor(s): Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi
Mentioned:  Martin Nowak, Robert Axelrod
Contributor(s): Don Ross, J. Doyne Farmer, Don Ross
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman
By Philipp Holstein
Mentioned:  Laurie R. Santos, Richard Wrangham, Robert Sapolsky
What the Insect Brain Can Tell Us About Ourselves
Mentioned:  Larry Page, Elon Musk, Demis Hassabis
The Bias Against Understanding the Biological Foundations of Women's Behavior
Mentioned:  Rodney A. Brooks, Daniel Kahneman, Daniel C. Dennett, Roger Schank, David Chalmers, Marvin Minsky
What drives the brightest minds
On Sale Now!
Danny Hillis's 1991 EDGE Special Project, Reprised
Mentioned:  Sean Carroll, Max Tegmark, Alan Guth, Frank Wilczek, John C. Mather, Lisa Randall, Paul J. Steinhardt, Mario Livio, Andrei Linde, George Smoot, Neil Turok, Roger Penrose
Mentioned:  Elon Musk, Nick Bostrom, W. Daniel Hillis, Jeff Bezos
Mentioned:  Daniel Kahneman, Alison Gopnik
Contributor(s): Jennifer Jacquet, Nicholas Humphrey
Mentioned:  John Brockman


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