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"Don't assume for a second that Ted Koppel, Charlie Rose and the editorial high command at the New York Times have a handle on all the pressing issues of the day....when Brockman asked 100 of the world's top thinkers to come up with pressing matters overlooked by the media, they generated a lengthy list of profound, esoteric and outright entertaining responses."
— "Web Site for Intellectuals Inspires Serious Thinking"
by Elsa Arnett, San Jose Mercury News
102 Contributions (71.200 words)
William H. Calvin
Abrupt Climate Change
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
The Reasons For Right-Wing Extremism In Europe And The U.S.
Pattie Maes
What Scientific Research Is Really Like
George B. Dyson
The Size Of The Digital Universe
Douglas Rushkoff
America's Descent Into Computer-Aided Unconsciousness And Consumer Fascism
Howard Gardner
(1) African Civil Wars; (2) Evolutionary Theory Is Not Intuitive; Creationism Is
Roger Schank
The Politicians Who Are Running On Education Platforms Don't Actually Care About Education
Lee Smolin
The Internationalization of the Third Culture
Judith Rich Harris
Parenting Styles Have Changed But Children Have Not
Stewart Brand
The Peace Dividend
John McWhorter
The Transformation Of The American Musical Ear
Paul Davies
The Genocide Nobody Wants to Talk About
Rodney A. Brooks
People are Morphing into Machines
Sally M. Gall
The Potentially Glorious, or Dangerous, Massive Cultural Impact of Mitochondrial DNA Studies
John Gilmore
The World Isn't Going to Hell
Eric J. Hall
The World Is Losing Potable Water At a Rate That Is Unprecedented
Stephen Kellert
The Concept Of Ecology
Thomas Petzinger, Jr.
The End Of Money
Sylvia Paull
Women Are Still Considered Inferior To Men
James J. O'Donnell
The Remaking Of Personality As Seen In Language
Philip W. Anderson
(1) The closing of the High Flux Beam Reactor at Brookhaven National Lab; (2) Eppawala
Stephen Grossberg
How Does a Brain Give Rise to a Mind?
Brian Goodwin
Quality Pigs
Arnold Trehub
How The Human Brain Models The World
Ivan Amato
The Planet Itself Is Becoming Self Aware
Howard Rheingold
How Will The Internet Influence Democracy?
Clifford Pickover
The Immortalization of Humanity

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Hans Weise
That There Are So Many Important Unreported Stories
John Horgan
The Quiet Resurgence of Psychedelic Compounds as Instruments of Both Spiritual and Scientific Exploration
Philip Elmer-Dewitt
O.J.'s Search for the Real Killer
Lance Knobel
Two Stories, One Encouraging, the Other Worrying
Jeff Jacobs
The Lack of Services to Heal Abused Children
Piet Hut
There Are No Things
Freeman Dyson
The Enduring Vitality of the More Moderate Kinds of Religions
Kevin Kelly
The Population Fizzle
Marc D. Hauser
(1) The Health Crisis in Africa and (2) The Poor Level of Educational Distribution
Daniel Goleman
Hidden Consequences of Our Daily Choices as Consumers of Products and Services
Philip Brockman
How Great the Kids Are Today
Terrence J. Sejnowski
Exercise Can Make you Smarter
Bart Kosko
The US Government continued to outlaw first-class mail on Sunday andno one complained
Dean Ornish
The Globalization of Illness
Keith Devlin
The Death of the Paragraph
Andy Clark
That the Human Mind is Less and Less In the Head
Anne Fausto-Sterling
The End of Gene Control
Peter Cochrane
Decoding the Human Genome is a Long Term Project
Hans Ulrich Obrist
The Roads Not Taken
Ellis Rubinstein
An Unprecedented Erosion of Traditional "Divides"
Eberhard Zangger
A Lost Civilization
Stuart Hameroff
The Paradigm Shift In Understanding The Conscious Mind
David Lykken
The Reduction In American Crime Is An Illusion
Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.
The True Nature of Much of Human Illness Eludes Mankind
Eduard Punset
The End of the Brain

Stephen H. Schneider
Misreporting Complex Scientific Controversies by Mainstream Media

David G. Myers
The Disconnect Between Wealth and Well-Being
Todd Siler
Applying our Lessons from the Nuclear Age to this Age
Joseph Ledoux
Educational Inequities
Verena Huber-Dyson
The Classification Theorem for Finite Simple Groups
Julian Barbour
a) The Proliferation of Jobs; b) James P. Carse's Jewel of a Book
Henry Warwick
"Damned if I know..."
James Bailey
The spread of
Universal Visual Literacy
Robert R. Provine
The Walkie-Talkie Theory Bipedalism Was Necessary For Human Speech Evolution
Steve Quartz
The Transformation in Human Life in the Post-Genomic World
Jaron Lanier
The End of Clausewitzian War
Robert Hormats
The Information Revolution Requires A Matching Education Revolution
Daniel Pink
Maslow's America
Timothy Taylor
The Sexual Abuse of Children by Women
Carlo Rovelli
The End of the Dream of a More Gentle World
Peter Schwartz
The Dramatic Fall in the Rate of Growth in Global Population
Leon M. Lederman
Survival Depends on the Race between Education and Catastrophe
Phil Leggiere
Appropriation of the Internet for Large Scale Global Social Protest
Denise Caruso
Maybe Media Is the Real Opiate of the People
Tor Norretranders
A Dollar a Week Will End World Hunger
Delta Willis
Weird Ape Fouls Planet
Charles Arthur
The Peculiar Feedback Loops That Drive Media Reporting of Technological and Science Issues
David M. Buss
Discrimination in the Mating Market
Denis Dutton
The Growth of a Prosperous Middle Class in China and in India 
Tom de Zengotita
Linda Tripp's Makeover
Rupert Sheldrake
The Rise of Organic Farming in Europe
Marney Morris
The Consequences of Choices Made About The Internet Today
Raphael Kasper The Fact That There Are No Longer ANY Unreported Stories
Jason McCabe Calacanis
The Farce of the Slacker Generation (Or What the Hell Happened to Generation X)?
Steven Pinker
The Loss of our Species' Biography
Philip Campbell
"Chemistry for non-chemists"; Entrepreneurism  
Ernst Poppel
My Own Story  
David Braunschvig
The Non-US Uniform Mobile Standard
Geoffrey Miller
Social Policy Implications of the New Happiness Research

Nancy Etcoff
Good News

Kenneth W. Ford
The Swiftness of the Societal Changes

Richard Potts Emergence of an Integrated Human-Earth Organism

Robert Aunger
The End of the Nation-State

Colin Tudge
Life's True Variety.

Paul W. Ewald
Infection Is Much Bigger Than We Thought

David Bunnell
New York Times Sells Out!

W. Brian Arthur
The Last Word on Y2K

Margaret Wertheim
Indigenous Power

Thomas A. Bass
Shifting Empires and Power

Rafael Nunez
The Death of Nations

Paul Davies
Response to Margaret Wertheim

Margaret Wertheim
Response to Paul Davies

Randolph M. Nesse, M.D.
Is the Market on Prozac?

Sherry Turkle
A new kind of object: From Rorschach to Relationship

Joseph Vardi
How Kids Replace the Generals

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