The Third Culture Hans Ulrich Obrist

The Roads Not Taken

I see unrealized projects as the most important unreported stories. As Bergson showed, realization is only one case of the possible. There are many amazing unrealized projects out there, forgotten projects, misunderstood projects, lost projects, realizable projects, poetic-utopian dream constructs, unrealizable projects, partially realized projects, censored projects and so on. The beginning of a new millennium seems like a good moment to remember certain roads not taken in an active and dynamic and not nostalgic way.

HANS ULRICH OBRIST has curated exhibitions at Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, unsthalle, Wien and Deichtor-Hallen,Hamburg, and Serpentine Gallery in London, among other institutions. He currently divides his time between France, Switzerland and Austria. After an initial training in economics and politics, he switched to contemporary art and has organized a variety of exhibitions in such unlikely venues as his own house, a monastery library, an airplane and an hotel.