The Third Culture Peter Schwartz

The Dramatic Fall in the Rate of Growth in Global Population

My candidate for most important unreported story is the dramatic fall in the rate of growth in global population. Instead of hitting 20, 20 or even 50 billion as was feared only a few years ago, with all the associated horror, it is likely to reach between ten and eleven billion by mid century. The implications for the carrying capacity of the planet are profound.

PETER SCHWARTZ is an internationally renowned futurist and business strategist. He is cofounder and chairman of Global Business Network, a unique membership organization and worldwide network of strategists, business executives, scientists, and artists based in Emeryville, California. He is the author of The Art of the Long View : Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World and coauthor (with Peter Leyden & Joel Hyatt) of The Long Boom.

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