The Third Culture Philip Brockman

How Great the Kids Are Today.

The young people I work with at NASA's Langley Research Center are sharp and hard working. We get some of the best, but they are almost all great. And what is rarely understood, nevermind reported, is that they have to process about twice the information that I had to deal with starting out in research in 1959.

Of course, the biggest untrue story told, one probably found in the first cave writings, is that "the younger generation is going to hell."

PHILIP BROCKMAN, a physicist, has been at NASA LaRC (Langley Field, Virginia) since 1959. His research includes: Shock tubes; Plasma propulsion; Diode laser spectroscopy; Heterodyne remote sensing; Laser research; Laser injection seeding; Remote sensing of atmospheric species, winds, windshear and vortices. He is currently supporting all solid state laser development for aircraft and spaceborne remote sensing of species and winds and developing coherent lidars to measure wake vortices in airport terminal areas.

He is a recipient of NASA's Exceptional Service Medal (ESM).

LINK: Philip Brockman's NASA Home Page