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Stewart Brand

The Clock of the Long Now
(Live On 12-4-98)
Catherine Bateson, George Dyson, Douglas Rushkoff, and Duncan Steel on Stewart Brand's "The Clock of the Long Now"

John Brockman

By The Late John Brockman
(Live On 9-20-97)
Carl Steadman re: By the Late John Brockman

Rodney Brooks

Rodney Brooks
(Live On 12-8-97)
Robert Provine, Douglas Rushkoff, Thomas De Zengotita, and Margaret Wertheim on Rodney Brooks

Jamie Lee Byars

He Confuses 1 and 2 and The 200 I.Q.
(Live On 1-1-97)
Marney Morris, Seth Lloyd, Christa Maar on "He Confuses 1 And 2 The 200 I.Q.", Mr. Byars By Mr. Brockman

Helena Cronin

Getting Human Nature Right
(Live On 9-7-2000)
J. Doyne Farmer on "Getting Human Nature right by Helena Cronin

Richard Dawkins

Spare Me Your Memes
(Live On 12-27-96)
Jaron Lanier debates Charles Simonyi and Mike Godwin on the concept and value of Memes
Reactions to the Richard Dawkins Lecture
(Live On 12-27-96)
The Third Culture react to the Richard Dawkins lecture "Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder." Comments by: Murray Gell-Mann, Milford Wolpoff, Reuben Hersh, Karl Sabbagh, Duncan Steele, Stanislas DeHaene, Joseph Ledoux, Margie Profet, Paul Davies, Robert Shapiro, Carl Djerassi

Stanislas Dehaene

On Stanislas Dehaene
(Live On 10-31-97)
George Lakoff, Marc D, Hauser, Jaron Lanier, Steven Pinker, and more on the work of Stanislas Dehaene. Stanislaus Dehaene responds.

Daniel C. Dennett

The Evolution of Culture
(Live On 4-1-99)

Jaron Lanier on Daniel C. Dennett.

Dennett's Deal
(Live On 6-14-99)
Nicholas Humphrey, Colin Tudge, and Peter Tallack

Jared Diamond

Reflections on Jared Diamond's Talk
(Live On 5-12-97)
Timothy Taylor , Marc D. Hauser, Kevin Kelly, George Dyson, Clifford Pickover, Pamela McCorduck, Gregory Benford, Bill Gates on Jared Diamond's "Why Did Human History Unfold Differently On Different Continents For The Last 13,000 Years?" Jared Diamonds responds to these reflections.

How To Get Rich
(Live On 6-14-99)
Paul Davies

George Dyson

Responses To George Dyson's Presentations
(Live On 7-10-97)

Daniel C. Dennett, Lee Smolin, Jaron Lanier, Tim Race, Kevin Kelly, Clifford Pickover, Oliver Sacks, Hans-Joachim Metzger & Christopher G. Langton on George Dyson's Darwin Among The Machines; George Dyson Responds.

(Live On 6-26-98)
Charles Simonyi, Tom Standage, and George Dyson on "CODE". J Doyne Farmer joins in with responses from Charles Simonyi.


Comments on The Edge
(Live On 10-13-97)
Stanislas Dehaene, Murray Gell-Mann, Bruce Sterling, Carl Djerassi, Sandra Blakeslee and many more comment on Edge after more than 25 issues.

Edge University: A proposal
(Live On 1-1-97)
Comments by Carl Djerassi, Roger Schank, Michael Gazzaniga, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Rod Brooks, Martin Rees, Pattie Maes, Patrick Bateson, Marvin Minsky, Frank Moretti, Howard Gardner, Freeman Dyson, David Gelernter, Steven Pinker, Jared Diamond.

Brian Eno

A Theory Of Big Culture
(Live On 4-2-97)
Reaction to the talk with Brian Eno. Comments by John Horgan, Marc D. Hauser, Jaron Lanier, Stuart Hameroff, Marney Morris, Clifford Pickover, Douglas Rushkoff, Pamela McCorduck, Lee Smolin, and Marc Lambert.

Howard Gardner

Education For All Human Beings
(Live On 11-6-97)

Thomas De Zengotita, J.C. Herz and Clifford Pickover

David Gelernter

The Second Coming — A Manifesto
(Live On 6-15-2000)

Stewart Brand, David Ditzel, John C. Dvorak, Feeman Dyson, George Dyson, Douglas Rushkoff, Rod Brooks, Lee Smolin, Jaron Lanier, David Farber, Danny Hillis, Vinod Kholsa, John McCarthy

Marc D. Hauser

Animal Minds
(Live On 4-21-99)

Pamela McCorduck

Reuben Hersh

Plato and Pi
(Live On 2-10-97)

Charles Simonyi, Lee Smolin, Stanislas Dehaene, W. Daniel Hillis, and Jaron Lanier debate Platonism and Mathematics with Reuben Hersh. Paolo Pignatelli, George Johnson, and Ian Stewart join the debate.

W. Daniel Hillis

Why can't you go faster than light?

(Live On 1-26-99)

Charles Simonyi and Lee Smolin comment on the essay by Danny Hillis; Hillis responds to Smolin; Philip W. Anderson

John Horgan

The End Of Horgan? [link is temporarily unavailable]
(Live On 1-1-97)

Responses to John Horgan's talk "Why I Think Science Is Ending".
Comments by George Johnson, Ernest B. Hook, Paul Davies, Lee Smolin, George Dyson, Jaron Lanier, and Oliver Morton

Verena Huber-Dyson

On the Nature of Mathematical Concepts

(Live On 2-27-98)

J.C. Herz, Reuben Hersh, Stanislas Dehaene, Margaret Wertheim and Brian Rotman on Verena Huber-Dyson

Stewart Kauffman and Lee Smolin

Time In Quantum Cosmology
(Live On 3-26-97)

Lee Smolin on the start of his collaboration with Stuart Kauffman and the background of their work on "A Possible Solution For The Problem Of Time In Quantum Cosmology". Comments by Murray Gell-Mann, Julian Barbour, Stuart Hameroff, Philip Anderson, John Horgan, John Baez, Stewart Brand and George Johnson. Lee Smolin responds.

George Lakoff

Philosophy In The Flesh
(Live On 3-9-99)
Marc D. Hauser, Sandra Blakeslee, Stanislas Dehaene, Margaret Wertheim, and Arnold Trehub on George Lakoff's"Philosophy In The Flesh"; Lakoff responds.

Jaron Lanier

One-Half of a Manifesto
(Live On 9-21-2000)
George Dyson, Freeman Dyson. Cliff Barney, Bruce Sterling, Rod Brooks, Henry Warwick, Kevin Kelly, Margaret Wertheim, John Baez, Lee Smolin, Stewart Brand, Rod Brooks, Lee Smolin, Daniel C. Dennett
on "One Half of a Manifesto" by Jaron Lanier

Joseph Ledoux

Biology and Emotions
(Live On 2-19-97)
Daniel Goleman, Steven Pinker, William H. Calvin, Doulgas Rushkoff, Paolo Pignatelli, and W. Daniel Hillis on Joseph LeDoux's "Parallel Memories: Putting Emotions Back Into The Brain"

Pattie Maes

Intelligence Augmentation

(Live On 1-23-98)
Howard Rheingold Comments on Intelligent Agents

John McWhorter

The Demise of Affirmative Action at UC Berkeley
(Live On 8-18-98)

Howard Gardner, David Bunnell, Richard Dawkins, Daniel C. Dennett, and Philip W. Anderson on John McWhorter's "The Demise of Affirmative Action at UC Berkeley"

Marvin Minsky

Consciousness is a Big Suitcase
(Live On 3-3-98)
John Horgan and Stuart Hameroff on Marvin Minsky's "Consciouness is a Big Suitcase"

Geoffrey Miller

Sexual Selection and The Mind

(Live On 5-28-98)
Jaron Lanier and Marc Hauser on Geoffrey Miller's "Sexual Selection and the Mind"

Hans Moravec

Ripples and Puddles
(Live On 7-23-2000)

Cliiford Pickover, Andy Clark, Ben Goertzel, Pamela McCorduck,
John McCarthy on Ripples and Puddles by Hans Moravec.

Oliver Morton

Oliver Morton on Gouldspar, Dawkinsite, and Goodwinclase
(Live On 9-23-97)

The point of all this is that there are three endmember minerals in the world of evolution, or at least in popular debates about it: Gouldspar, Dawkinsite and Goodwinclase. In Gouldspar, the role of the historical, contingent and conjunctural is maximised. In Dawkinsite the system is saturated with adaptation. In Goodwinclase, the role of structural form in and of itself takes pride of place.

Nathan Myhrvold

Reactions to the Nathan Myhrvold Interview

(Live On 1-22-97)

Lew Tucker and Steve Lohr weigh in with alternative viewpoints about Java and the future of the Net.

Steven Pinker

First Impressions: Organs of Computation
(Live On 1-15-97)

Reaction to the talk with Steven Pinker.
Comments by: Steven Mithen, Steven Quartz, Nicholas Humphrey, Patricia S. Churchland, Sandra Blakeslee, David Lykken, with response from Steven Pinker.

Steven Pinker and Steven Rose

The 2 Steves
(Live On 4-1-98)
Patrick Bateson on the debate between Steven Pinker and Steven Rose.

V.S. Ramachandran

MIRROR NEURONS and imitation learning as the driving force behind "the great leap forward" in human evolution
(Live on 6-1-2000)
Marc D. Hauser, Milford H. Wolpoff, V.S. Ramachandran, Nicholas Humphrey, Marc D. Hauser, V.S. Ramachandran, Robert Provine

Colin Renfrew

The Three Dimensions of Human History

(Live On 9-20-97)

Philip Anderson, Marc Hauser, Steven Pinker, and Colin Tudge on "The Three Dimensions Of Human History" by Colin Renfrew

Frank Schirrmacher

Wake-Up Call for Europe Tech

(Live On 6-20-2000)

George Dyson, Stewart Brand, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, Dave Myers, Clifford Pickover, Kai Krause, Jason McCabe Calacanis. Charles Simonyi, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, J.C. Herz, Lee Smolin.

Beyond 2001: HAL's Legacy for the Enterprise Generation
(Live On 8-5-2000)

Kai Krause, Clifford Pickover, Stewart Brand, Jaron Lanier, Bruce Sterling on "Beyond 2001: HAL's Legacy for the Enterprise Generation" by Frank Schirrmacher

Charles Simonyi

Responses to The WYSIWYG
(Live On 7-10-97)

Daniel C. Dennett, Jaron Lanier, and Paolo Pignatelli on Charles Simonyi's "Intentional Programming". Simonyi responds.

Lee Smolin

Implications of Natural Selection and The Laws of Physics
(Live On 1-6-97)
Physicist Lee Smolin poses questions for Richard Dawkins about the further implications of evolutionary theory. Comments by: Lee Smolin, Richard Dawkins, Nicholas Humphrey, Brian Goodwin, Jaron Lanier, George Johnson, Marcelo Gleiser, Lee Smolin

Frank J. Sulloway

How is Personality Formed?

(Live On 6-1-98)
Judith Rich Harris comments on Frank J. Sulloway

The Third Culture
On the 3rd Culture
(Live On 1-1-97)
John Brockman and 3rd Culture Scientists comment on the idea of "The 3rd Culture".
Comments by: Terry Sejnowski and John Brockman.
From The Third Culture: Steven Jay Gould, Murray Gell-Mann, Daniel C. Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones, Paul Davies, Nicholas Humphrey, W. Daniel Hillis, Roger Shank, J. Doyne Farmer, Martin Rees, Lee Smolin

Joseph Traub

The Unknown and The Unknowable
(Live On 1-1-97)
Reactions to Joseph Traub's "The Unknown and The Unknowable".
Comments by Clifford Pickover.

Upside Down

"Upside, you should be ashamed of yourselves..."

(Live On 3-11-97)

Upside Magazine's Feb 1 coverage of Wired and Louis Rossetto sparks a debate among the Digerati. John Perry Barlow starts off with a screed aimed at Upside's David Bunnell and article author Paul Keegan. Joining the discussion: Stewart Brand, Dave Winer, Jaron Lanier, Kevin Kelly, Marvin Minsky, and more...

"What Is The Most Important Invention In The Past Two Thousand Years"
"What Is The Most Important Invention In The Past Two Thousand Years"
(Live On 1-25-99)

Commentaries from John Barrow, Todd Siler, Peter Tallack, Brian Goodwin, Catherine Bateson, Oliver Morton, Murray Gell-Mann, Patrick Bateson, Gino Segre.

The World Question Center

On the World Question Center
(Live On 1-12-98)
Comments by Douglas Rushkoff, Pattie Maes, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Stephen H. Schneider, Stewart Brand, Paolo Pignatelli, Duncan Steel, Oliver Morton, Delta Willis.


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