Martin Menzies

Martin Menzies
Martin Menzies
Professor, Volcanologist-geochemist, Royal Holloway, University of London & NERC RESET Consortium

MARTIN MENZIES is Professor, Volcanologist-geochemist, Royal Holloway, University of London & NERC RESET Consortium .

His research agenda includes geochemistry, volcanism and tectonics, and mantle evolution. In particular:

• European tephras: NERC RESET Consortium; investigation of the diagnostic geochemistry of proximal volcanic deposits (<100ka eruptions) across Europe as a basis for unravelling the provenance & age of distal micro-tephras in targeted marine cores, terrestrial & archaeological sites

• Tephra provenance: Chemistry & origin of distal co-ignimbrite ash deposits produced during ultraplinian eruptions linked to caldera collapse within Oligo-Miocene large igneous provinces in Afro-Arabia. Correlation of continental & marine sequences over 3000km. With Dr I Ukstins-Peate (University of Iowa, USA), A Kent (University of Oregon) & Dr J Baker (Victoria University, New Zealand)

• Modelling of the deposition of pyroclastic density current deposits by the application & modification of turbidity current models, tested with analogue experiments & field-based studies on Ngauruhoe in collaboration with Drs Cronin & Lube, Massey University, New Zealand. PhD topic of Peter Rowley (Supervisors: Waltham, Menzies and Kokelaar [Liverpool])

• Non-Volcanic Rifted Margin evolution: Crustal cooling history of the Gulf of Suez margins, Egypt. Evaluation of the timing of extension, the mechanisms of uplift, the significance of magmatism & the differences between non-volcanic & volcanic rifted margins. PhD topic of James Hammerstein (Supervisors: Menzies, McClay, Batt and Graeme Bagley [BP Egypt]). Funded by Thomas Holloway Scholarship & BP Egypt.

• Eclogites & garnet pyroxenites: Investigation of the mineralogy, elemental & isotopic (Sr-Nd-Hf, O) geochemistry of oceanic & continental eclogites & pyroxenites from the Pacific Basin [oceanic], USA [circum-cratonic] & S Africa [cratonic]. Collaboration with Dr. Ruth Gonzaga (bp)]. Funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.