Lisa Feldman Barrett

Lisa Barrett
Lisa Feldman Barrett
University Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University; Research Neuroscientist, Massachusetts General Hospital; Lecturer in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Author, How Emotions Are Made

LISA FELDMAN BARRETT is the director of the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory, and a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University. She is a research neuroscientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a lecturer in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Barrett’s research focuses on the nature of emotion from the perspectives of both psychology and neuroscience, and takes inspiration from anthropology, philosophy, and linguistics. Her lab takes an interdisciplinary approach, and incorporates methods from social, clinical, and personality psychology, psychophysiology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, and visual cognition. Current projects focus on understanding the psychological construction of emotion (i.e., how basic affective and conceptual ingredients provide the recipes for emotional experiences), age- and disease-related changes in affective circuitry within the human brain, how language and context influence emotion perception, how affect influences vision, and sex differences in emotion.

She is the author of How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.