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Contributor(s): Stuart A. Kauffman, Marvin Minsky, Niles Eldredge, Murray Gell-Mann, Francisco Varela, J. Doyne Farmer, Steven Pinker, Nicholas Humphrey, Brian Goodwin, Steve Jones, George C. Williams, Daniel C. Dennett
Richard Dawkins: Eulogy for Douglas Adams, Church of Saint Martin in the Fields, London, 17th September 2001
How Our Artifacts Will Be Able To Interact With Our Biological Forms
Contributor(s): Leon M. Lederman, Jeremy Bernstein
Two Questions for the Edge Community
Contributor(s): Freeman Dyson, Terrence J. Sejnowski, John Baez, Jaron Lanier, John Mccarthy, Marvin Minsky, W. Daniel Hillis, Steve Grand, Nicholas Humphrey, Jordan Pollack, Philip W. Anderson, Lee Smolin, Kevin Kelly, Charles Simonyi, Stewart Brand, Marvin Minsky, William H. Calvin, Stewart Brand, Jaron Lanier, Joseph Traub, Clifford Pickover, George Dyson
Contributor(s): Al Seckel, W. Daniel Hillis, Maryam Mohit, Luyen Chou, Marvin Minsky, James J. O'Donnell, Jeremy Bernstein, Freeman Dyson, Bernardo Huberman, Jaron Lanier, George Dyson
Contributor(s): George Dyson, Freeman Dyson, Cliff Barney, Bruce Sterling, Rodney A. Brooks, Henry Warwick, Kevin Kelly, Margaret Wertheim, John Baez, Lee Smolin, Stewart Brand, Rodney A. Brooks, Lee Smolin, Daniel C. Dennett, Philip W. Anderson, Jaron Lanier
Contributor(s): Joseph Traub, Julian Barbour, Lee Smolin, Gregory Benford
Contributor(s): Kai Krause, Clifford Pickover, Stewart Brand, Jaron Lanier, Bruce Sterling
Contributor(s): J. Doyne Farmer, Helena Cronin
Contributor(s): George Dyson, Stewart Brand, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, David G. Myers, Clifford Pickover, Kai Krause, Jason Calacanis, Charles Simonyi, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, J.C. Herz, Lee Smolin
Contributor(s): Vilayanur Ramachandran, Milford H. Wolpoff, Nicholas Humphrey, Robert Provine, Rafael Núñez, William H. Calvin
A Conversation with
Contributor(s): Stewart Brand, David R. Ditzel, John C. Dvorak, Freeman Dyson, George Dyson, Douglas Rushkoff, Rodney A. Brooks, Lee Smolin, Jaron Lanier, David Farber, W. Daniel Hillis, Vinod Khosla, John Mccarthy
New York Times Syndicate
Contributor(s): Douglas Rushkoff
Contributor(s): Nicholas Humphrey, Colin Tudge, Peter Tallack
Contributor(s): Paul Davies, Philip W. Anderson, Joseph Traub
Chaired by Tim Radford
Contributor(s): Jaron Lanier
J. Doyne Farmer vs. Charles Simonyi
A Dialogue
Contributor(s): Steven R. Quartz, J. Doyne Farmer, Charles Simonyi, J. Doyne Farmer, J. Doyne Farmer, Charles Simonyi, J. Doyne Farmer, George Dyson, Tom Standage, Charles Simonyi
Contributor(s): Frank J. Sulloway, Judith Rich Harris
How Subconscious Thoughts Cook on the Backburner


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