2001 : WHAT NOW?

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Founder and director of Psi-Phi Communications
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chairman of International Technologies
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Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Pearson
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CEO, Socratic Arts Inc.; John Evans Professor Emeritus of...
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President, Institute for Science
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professor of astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced...
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Former President, The Royal Society; Emeritus Professor of...
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Principal, The Garreau Group
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Author, The Math Book, The Physics Book, and The Medical...
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Professor of Psychology, Hope College; Co-author,...
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M.D. is Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at...
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Jan Eisner Professor of Archaeology, Comenius University in...
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Emeritus Professor of Psychology, London School of...
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Biological Anthropologist; Author, Gaining Control
mihaly_csikszentmihalyi's picture
Psychologist; Director, Quality of Life Research Center,...
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Fellow at The Rockridge Institute; Author, The Little Blue...
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Founder, Cyberlife Research; author, Creation: Life and How...
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Producer; Founder, Managing Director, Skyscraper...
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Influential German journalist, essayist, best-selling author
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Science Fiction Author, Mirrorshades
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Paleoanthropologist; Author, Lone Survivors
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Biologist; Author, Six Steps Back to the Land
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Mathematician; Executive Director, H-STAR Institute,...
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Writer; Speaker; Thinker, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University
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Classics Scholar, University Librarian, ASU; Author, Pagans
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Editor (Emeritus), Nature; Royal Commissions on...
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Media Analyst; Documentary Writer; Author, Throwing Rocks...
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Science Historian; Author, Analogia
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Former Journalist
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Newmedia Laboratory
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Chief Technologist, Federal Communications Commission
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CEO, Socratic Arts Inc.; John Evans Professor Emeritus of...
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Professor and Chairman of Computer Science, Brandeis...
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Physicist, University of Oxford; Author, The Beginning of...
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Walgreen Professor for the Study of Human Understanding,...
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Professor of Biology, Amherst College; Author, Plague Time
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Journalist, The Guardian
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Chief Technologist, Federal Communications Commission
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Evolutionary Biologist; Emeritus Professor of the Public...
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Senior Maverick, Wired; Author, What Technology Wants and...
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Computer Scientist; Musician; Author, Who Owns The Future?
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founder of Gracenet
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Professor Emerita, George Mason University; Visiting...
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science writer and commentator
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Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, Baltimore...
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Journalist; Author, Us and Them
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Jan Eisner Professor of Archaeology, Comenius University in...
derrick_de_kerckhove's picture
Director of the McLuhan Program in Culture
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Physicist, Institute of Advanced Study; Author, Disturbing...
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Investor; Chairman, EDventure Holdings; Executive Founder,...
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a cofounder of GBN, a Partner in the Monitor Group of...
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Evolutionary psychologist, NYU Stern Business School and...
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Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University; Director,...
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Mathematician; computer scientist; Professor of Media Arts...