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Senior Consultant (and former Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director), New Scientist; Author, After the Ice
Anderson's Law (of the Experienced Science Journalist)

Anderson's First Law (of the Experienced Science Journalist)

Science may be objective but scientists are not.

Anderson's Second Law (of the Experienced Science Journalist)

A scientist who can speak without jargon is either an idiot or a genius.

Anderson's Third Law (on Subjectivity and Objectivity from the Interface of Neuroscience and Computers)

The bigger the brain, the better the stories it fabricates for us.


The more technology gives us the power to record and store everything, the less it captures reality.

laws on subjectivity and objectivity from the interface of Neuroscience and Computers

Anderson's Fourth Law (for ordinary folk)

Science can produce knowledge but it cannot produce wisdom.

Anderson's Fifth Law (Based on An Ancient Zen Saying to An Untutored Monk Seeking Wisdom)

If you can tell the false from the true you are already a scientist.