Discussion of the meaning of dangerous ideas: Turkey is changing! [1]

[ Thu. Mar. 11. 2010 ]

Starting from a book the other day, our readers "What is your most dangerous idea," he asked. 
Danger here of course mean, "kill the man, let's bomb bay" is not as murderous ideas. 
Objective existing (economic, political, social, moral) order and radical, surprising, memorization will lead to disruptive changes to the ideas put forth. ...

"most dangerous" What is your opinion? [4]

...I've had an interesting collection in a bookstore Mumbai: "What is Your Dangerous Idea?" Almost got it. 
Because the name was very attractive; and Helen Fisher [5]Jared Diamond [6], Ray Kurzweil [7]Sherry Turkle [8], such as Douglas Rushkoff [9] I read with interest the short article I had the idea of people. 

American writers and thinkers from many different areas in the book that was prepared by John Brockman's [10]thinking people, who have put their own dangerous ideas. 

According to what I am when I returned to Turkey in! In fact in 2009 the book "What's Your Dangerous Idea?" (Pegasus Press) translated to our language, even with the title.

Where the "dangerous ideas" and implied "murder, massacres, rape, robbery, such as" criminal actions in almost every period, and their planning is not sure. 

There is talk of a threat by intellectuals in the book: So, the question that a certain moral, social, political or cultural order will change our basic assumptions about life that will shake the ideas ... 

It's dangerous idea which is not wrong of course. Quite the contrary: if one day occur? 

Let's say that as a result of scientific research who, what age would die to know we've become ... This knowledge was really nice to be in our resolve? 

In this regard puzzle scientists who study would want to continue? Or as soon as possible discontinuation of funding for research would deal?

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