[ Sat. Feb. 22. 2014 ]

The book also focuses on lesser-known ideas, such as the modular mind. These sections are the ones who make the work fun and interesting.

One or the other essay is difficult to understand for the layman, most texts but present themselves as easily digestible and entertaining. No contribution is longer than four pages. The shortest essay is even only three words: "Keep it short." He brings an idea from philosophy to the point - that of Occam's Razor. It says that one should be frugal in the formation of scientific theories: If you have the choice between several possible explanations of the same facts is to bring forward the simplest theory - that is the one that gets by with as few hypotheses. The tightness of the contributions makes the book even to the profitable reading if you just only has ten minutes time to read.

...The compilation of the brilliant, sometimes even stunning ideas can be recommended to all who are interested in science.