Over a hundred reasons to believe in the future thanks to science

[ Tue. Feb. 2. 2010 ]

The title of the book "153 reasons to be optimistic" (The Assayer) attracts at a time like ours, studded with worrying news of all kinds. But even more intriguing if one also reads the caption: "The great challenge of research." What promises? The question arises. The reasons are the answers gathered by John Brockman curator of 'work by many scientists working on the frontiers of science more extreme. Which I identify why, from their point of view and work, it is right to look positively at the future. A scientist must be an optimist by definition driven by 'enthusiasm to conquer something new. And the prospect to whom he dedicates his life is destined to bring the innovations that improve the lives of us all. The succession of short answers, but the content is impressive because he hears from the genome mapper Craig Venter (pictured) to Marvin Minsky that deals with immortality, by physicist Lee Smolin and Martin Rees on the energy challenge, by Freeman Dyson George Nobel Smoot. Many issues relate to general culture and society. All agree on one point: to show that the reason for optimism is absolutely true.(G. Ch.) REPRODUCTION RESERVED

Giovanni Caprara

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