Farewell to the scientist with his head in the clouds, now prefer to surf: the science has become pop

[ Sun. Feb. 14. 2010 ]

Do you remember the proverbial stereotype of the scientist screwed with his head in the clouds, perched in his laboratory dealing with mysterious formulas? Well, he did also the end of the phone booths or video recorders, definitely missing in the stormy ocean of change. Until yesterday discipline austere, cold and distant, now with a sweeping metamorphosis science has made pop unexpectedly, has become warm and communicative, he came humanizing.

Do you remember the proverbial stereotype of the athlete looking strong and stupid and brilliant nerd but unwatchable and snubbed by girls?Well, if you remember this is the time to forget it. What, there have been proclaimed the new Einstein is a California boy named Garrett Lisi and who wrote his "exceptionally simple theory of everything" destined to change forever the paradigms of physics at the library or in the academy but surfing beaches where he lives. There is a new prototype of a scientist who not only does not avoid the lure of the world - at least not to the most exciting - but instead uses it to nourish and expand its research.

If you do venture between the conference video of Ted, a real brain trust of innovation, if you dive into that inexhaustible source of ideas that are multiple and choral books edited by John Brockman (particularly Science, next generation) will not have no doubt: science not only has taken possession of the philosophical debate, but is rewriting the map of our imagination. There is a force in science communication and energy that does not want to know more to stay within the old boundaries and the old categories.

In this modern age, biology, genetics, chemistry, physics are increasing in all directions, in a lush variety of new knowledge, and this is an unequivocal sign that science is experiencing a very expansive and evolutionary. No more self-specialisms, without mediation, scientific research is putting itself at the center of our feeling and the question of human existence. Of our life is not just pointing out the limits - such as send an explicit form all the conventional systems of thought - but above all the resources, power. There will be much fun, believe me.

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