EDGE Question 2008: What have you changed your mind about?

[ Wed. Jan. 9. 2008 ]

I've been traveling in Central America for the past few weeks, so I'm late on blogging a number of things -- including this. Each year, EDGE.org's John Brockman asks a new question, and a bunch of tech/sci/internet folks reply. This year's question: What have you changed your mind about?

Science is based on evidence. What happens when the data change? How have scientific findings or arguments changed your mind?


I was one of the 165 participants, and wrote about what I learned from Boing Boing's community experiments, under the guidance of our community manager Teresa Nielsen HaydenLink to "Online Communities Rot Without Daily Tending By Human Hands."

Here's a partial link-list of my favorite contributions from others:

Tor NørretrandersW. Daniel HillisRay KurzweilDavid GelernterKai KrauseClay ShirkyJ. Craig VenterSimon Baron-CohenJaron LanierMartin ReesEsther DysonBrian EnoYossi VardiTim O'ReillyChris AndersonRupert Sheldrake,Daniel C. DennettAubrey de GreyNicholas CarrLinda StoneGeorge Dyson,Steven PinkerAlan AldaStewart BrandSherry TurkleRudy Rucker,Freeman DysonDouglas Rushkoff .

People Mentions: