Edge in the News: 2017

Gerd Gigerenzer, Neue Zürcher Zeitung [6.15.17]

Not only did the victims of death and injuries attack them; It is at least as important for them to sow the seeds of fear. Fear makes us fellow players in the terrorist scenario.

Matt Ridley, Neue Zürcher Zeitung [6.9.17]

Research and growing prosperity provide us with ever healthier living conditions. But the eradication of the parasites also has a shadow side.

Stand News [6.6.17]

I graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Science and Technology three years ago. I have been a secondary school teacher and have been writing philosophical articles on the Internet. Recently, I was asked to write on the topic of The Third Culture, borrowed from John Brockman's "third culture".

Dinero [6.2.17]

To the annual question of The World Question Center some time ago to the community of intellectuals of Edge.org (online version of Reality Club): "What scientific concept would improve the cognitive toolbox of all?" Writer and thinker Evgeny Morozov answered that "a constant awareness of the Einstellung Effect would be a useful addition."

Morozov recalled that the Einstellung Effect refers to the mental state that predisposes us to solve a new problem by relying on methods that have been effective in the past instead of seeking an optimal solution for that particular problem, sometimes punishing our performance or affecting the result. It is true that we almost always end up solving the problem, but in the process we may have missed the opportunity to do it in a more effective, faster, more efficient way.