"John Brockman ... is the shadowy figure at the top of the cyberfashion food chain."
—Ted Nelson, Geeks Bearing Gifts: How The Computer World Got This Way

Peter GabrielAnne Wojcicki

Paul AllenJulia MilnerYuri Milner

George DysonKatinka MatsonYves BeharJulia Milner

Larry PageJesse Dylan

Nick BostromSalar Kamangar

Chris AndersonEvan Williams
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"To accomplish the extraordinary, you must seek extraordinary people."

Every year since 1999, we have hosted The Edge Annual Dinner (sometimes referred to as “The Billionaire’s Dinner”). Guests have included the leading third culture intellectuals of our time, dining and conversing with the founders of Amazon, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Space X, Skype, Twitter. It is a remarkable gathering of outstanding minds—the people that are rewriting our global culture. 

Andrian KreyeGeorge DysonJeff Bezos

Sergey BrinCharles Simonyi

Lucy Page SouthworthLarry Page



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"Those present were the owners of Google, Twitter, Bill Gates, Benoit Mandelbrot (fractals), Craig Venter (Human Genome Project). Do I need to drop more names? A bomb at dinner and we would lose much of a certain creative intelligence that drives our world and our future, or the future that these people have created for all of us. The technologists have now become the center of power." —O Globo (Brazil)


Jeff Skoll

Elon Musk

Lucy Southworth Page

Jean Pigozzi

Nathan Myhrvold

Ricardo Salinas
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Bruno Maddox; Roger Highfield
Mark Henderson; Max Brockman
Richard Dawkins; Sally Gaminara

Matt Ridley; Lalla Ward

Armand Leroi; Andrew Franklin

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Sunnie Evers
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Bill Joy; Shannon O'Leary


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"The Billionaires' Dinner: row upon row of the world's most successful (and richest) human beings." —GQ

John BrockmanStewart Brand; Kevin Kelly
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"The crowd was sprinkled generously with those who had amassed wealth beyond imagining in a historical eye blink. The muscle and money behind tech stars such as Microsoft, America Online, Sun Microsystems and others had gathered at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference here.  —The Wall Street Journal

Bill Joy; Shannon O'Leary


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Oliver Morton; David Goodhart
Richard Dawkins; Philip Campbell
Steve Connors; Jeremy Webb; Craig Venter
Geoffrey Carr; Simon Baron-Cohen

Sir John Maddox

Nicholas Humphrey

Matt Ridley
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"This goes beyond all known schmoozing. This is like some kind of virtual-intellectual conspiracy-in-restraint-of-trade." —Wired


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John BrockmanSergey Brin

Jean Pigozzi; Olga of Greece
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Steven PinkerKatinka MatsonJeff Bezos
Daniel C. Dennett; John Brockman
Richard Dawkins
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Nathan Myhrvold; Jeffrey Epstein
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Douglas Adams

 John BrockmanNathan Myhrvold
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