What Did You Change Your Mind About in 2007? [1]

[ Mon. Dec. 31. 2007 ]

Posted by Zonk [4] on Tuesday January 01, @12:41PM
from the read-dawkins'-it's-awesome dept. chrisd [5] writes

"The Edge 2008 question (with answers) is in. This year, the question is: 'What did you change your mind about and why?'. Answers are featured from scientists as diverse as Richard Dawkins [6]Simon Baron-Cohen [7]George Church [8]David Brin [9]J. Craig Venter [10] and the Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees [11], among others. Very interesting to read. For instance, Stewart Brand writes that he now realizes that 'Good old stuff sucks [12]' and Sam Harris has decided that 'Mother Nature is Not Our Friend [13].' What did Slashdot readers change their minds about in 2007?"