Tuesday memo: The road to the bridge to nowhere that wasn't there [1]

[ Mon. Sep. 8. 2008 ]

Polls: More support for the idea that McCain's in front, or at least gaining ground on Obama, from ABC News, which has Obama's lead down from eight points to one point at 47%-46% [4] -- and a huge 20-point turnaround among white women in McCain's favour. In key swing states, it's tight [5], and less obviously positive for McCain.

As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin charged taxpayers for hundreds of nights she spent at her own home, claiming a per diem expense that was designed to cover business travel. She doesn't seem to have broken any rules — let alone laws — but in light of her boasts about trimming costs, it doesn't look great. [Washington Post [6]]

There's unanimity that Palin's statements about the Bridge to Nowhere are... what do you call that thing where something's not true and you know it? Ah, yes. [7] She also supported [8] building a road to the Bridge to Nowhere, even though the bridge wasn't built: a road to a bridge to nowhere that wasn't even there itself. [Newsweek [9]Washington Post [10]Wall Street Journal [11]]

No issue's off the table, ABC News insists, for Charlie Gibson's exclusive Sarah Palin interview, to be broadcast on Thursday and Friday, although obviously questioning her suitability for the role would be sexist [12]. [Associated Press [13]]

Why do people vote Republican? A psychologist investigates. [Edge.org [14]]

Quietly, amid a funding panic [15], the Obama campaign drops its objections to "the cavalry" — independent 527 groups, the kind that might be able to run a few useful anti-McCain ads over the coming weeks. Then again,there's always Barbra Streisand [16]. [Marc Ambinder [17]]

The local paper in Wasilla is cross with the (London) Times newspaper, which described the town as "unkempt" and "ramshackle". Damn snooty British journalists. [Washington Independent [18]]

Should McCain and Palin hug? Kiss? Slap each other on the back? It's all so complicated. [New York Times [19]]