The glass is half full for the fiscal year toast the weekend approaches [1]

[ Sun. Dec. 11. 2016 ]

On the occasion of presenting two facilities in the Kirchner Cultural Center, the legendary musician and producer Brian Eno went through Buenos Aires, in what was his first visit to Argentina. ... In 2012 he published one of 125 essays in the book What is going to change everything?, edited by John Brockman, editor of ... Most of the responses, written by authors such as Ian McEwan, Nassim Taleb, Steven Pinker or Ricahrd Dawkins, coming down the side of the artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, physics or astronomy.

Eno, which in the past produced albums by U2, Talking Heads and Coldplay, among others, was on the other side. His answer to What is going to change everything? It was "the feeling that things will get worse." "What will change everything is not a thought but a feeling" ...

For Eno, "the development of mankind so far was driven by the idea that things, with high probability, will be better in the future. The world was rich in relation to its population, there were new lands to conquer, new thoughts to discover and exploit new resources. the great migrations of history was implemented from the projection that there was a better place. But what if this feeling changes?"