Science and art at the "Festival State": galaxies of creativity [1]

[ Mon. Nov. 3. 2014 ]

A spectacle of young creative scene in Berlin: The "State Festival" brought together for the first time, the art and science scene in the capital. Conclusion: An intellectual playground apparently is inspiring.

...The festival theme of "time" it was only the substantive framework, the real motive - the creative clash of cultures - led the festival visitors coming back into the fundamental question: Is the growing complexity of the world and thought perhaps easier to place, tangible, if you the ways of thinking and world views of the two cultures as it accumulated? In other words, progress through encounter and creative communications?

The idea is not new in the book market. The New York literary agent John Brockman ( [4] has long been a team set up for the third culture is extremely popular science writers who maintain interculturalism in their works themselves and provoke debate....