Nearly 200 thinkers, scientists are most concerned about things: aliens, the decline of cancer, what is the source of addiction... [1]

[ Fri. Jan. 8. 2016 ]

Online Thinkers forum frontier ( [5]) since 1998, has put forward thought-provoking topics every year, such as '98: What questions are you asking yourself?; '99: What is the most important invention in the past 2,000 years?; 2006: What is your dangerous idea?; Last year: What do you think about machines that think? This year, editor John Brockman, got nearly 200 thinkers: What do consider the most interesting recent [science] news? What makes it so important?

As a result, 198 experts from physics, astronomy, psychology, archeology, biology, history, computer science, etc. each wrote an essay, including Steven Pinker [6], Peter Gabriel [7], Nina Jablonski [8], Bill Joy [9], Michael Shermer [10], Kevin Kelly [11], Gregory Benford [12], George Church [13]. ... Several hot topics ran as expected, including research cancer and other diseases, pollution, genetic research, artificial intelligence, quantum physics and gravity research, to find Earth 2.0 and extraterrestrial life. ...