[ Tue. Jan. 21. 2014 ]

The 2014 Edge Annual Question [5] (EAQ) is out. This year, the question posed to the contributors is: What scientific idea is ready for retirement?

As usual with the EAQ, it provokes thought and promotes discussion. I have only read through a fraction of the responses so far, but I think it is important to highlight a few Edge contributors who answered with a common, and in my opinion a very important and timely, theme. The responses that initially caught my attention came from Laurence Smith (UCLA), Gavin Schmidt (NASA), Guilio Boccaletti (The Nature Conservancy) and Danny Hillis (Applied Minds). If I were to have been asked this question, my contribution for idea retirement would likely align most closely with these four responses: Smith [6] and Boccaletti [7]  want to see same idea disappear — stationaritySchmidt’s [8] response focused on the abolition of simple answers; and Hillis [9] wants to do away with cause-and-effect.