Controversy about big data for social sciences: the sacred flame or false idols? [1]

[ Wed. Dec. 7. 2016 ]

"With Big Data we can now begin to actually look at the details of social interaction and how those play out, and are no longer limited to averages like market indices or election results. This is an astounding change."- Professor Sandy Pentland - leading specialist in data science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA - above

Pentland had ambitions to reinvent human society on a large database platform. He believes that with scientific data, one can understand the operating system to generate human society of the future system stable and safe. Thus, the financial system is not disturbed, paralyzed government and the health system will actually work effectively.

"The ability to see the details of the market, of political revolutions, and to be able to predict and control them is definitely a case of Promethean fire—it could be used for good or for ill, and so Big data brings us to interesting times. We're going to end up reinventing what it means to have a human society." - Professor Sand Pentland said.