Change of heart [1]

[ Mon. Dec. 31. 2007 ]

What did you change your mind about in 2007? The world's intellectual elite spread some New Year humility.

James Randerson, science correspondent

Since I wrote my piece on this year's show of scientific humility for the New Year's day paper some big names have added their thoughts to the mix.

Here's evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins [5] on how being a "flip-flopper" is no bad thing in science...

The controversial geneticist Craig Venter [6] has had a change of heart about the capacity of our planet to soak up the punishment humanity is throwing at it...

There are also interesting contributions from Simon Baron-Cohen [7], the University of Cambridge autism researcher who has changed his mind about equality; psychologist Susan Blackmore, [8] who has gone from embracing the paranormal to debunking it; and artist and composerBrian Eno [9], who was once seduced by Maoism, but now believes it is a "monstrosity".

What did you change your mind about in 2007?