[email protected] 2010 [1]

A number of Edge contributors were among the speakers at the recent TED conference (TED 2010 [2]) in Long Beach: Stewart Brand [3],Nicholas Christakis [4]George Church [5]Denis Dutton [6]Sam Harris [7]Daniel Kahneman [8]Benoit Mandelbrot [9]Nathan Myhrvold [10]Michael Shermer [11], and even one of the first speakers at the Reality Club of the early 80s, Stephen Wolfram. And many more individuals in the Edge community as well as friends were in attendance. Come, take a walk with me.

Below is a link to Daniel Kahneman [8]'s recently posted TED Talk — featuring the superb video production values that are becoming the hallmark of the TED Talks — along with links to Kahneman's relevant Edge contributions.