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Stewart Alsop has played a number of different roles in this business. Despite his considerable expertise, he works very hard to keep the perspective of the reasonable businessperson asking what exactly does this mean for me. It is very much in the intellectual tradition of his family to speak and write articulately about things in a way that makes sense to ordinary people.

--THE ORACLE (Paul Saffo)

Stewart Alsop

The Pragmatist

"Editors are the original intelligent agents. We try to figure out what our customers do, and we succeed to the degree that we're able to give them what they want, compel them, give them an identity, and make them feel that they're part of a community."

I have known Stewart since 1983. Over the years, we have spent time together at numerous conferences, professional events, and social occasions. He is always affable. I enjoy his easy company and appreciate the unique way he looks at the industry. He brings the perspective of one who has grown up in the environment of serious, no-nonsense journalism. His father was Stewart Alsop; his uncle, Joseph Alsop. He can edit and write. He reads and thinks.

STEWART ALSOP is a partner in New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm, and a contributing editor to InfoWorld, of which he is the former editor-in-chief. He is executive producer of Agenda, an annual conference for executives of the computer industry.