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Nobody in the business gives better quote than Saffo. Every journalist who calls him gets someone who is familiar with the news flash of the day and its deeper significance. Paul speaks with succinct eloquence.

THE SCOUT (Stewart Brand)

Paul Saffo

The Oracle

"For most of this century we have viewed communications as a conduit, a pipe between physical locations on the planet. What's happened now is that the conduit has become so big and interesting that communication has become more than a conduit, it has become a destination in its own right - what in the vernacular is called cyberspace."

Paul is also Silicon Valley's resident intellectual. He's the big-picture guy who articulates the trends. He is preoccupied by the long-range implications of the information revolution for business and society. Paul is a senior member of the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit think tank that consults to a wide range of business and government entities, including telecommunications and consumer companies.

PAUL SAFFO is director of the Institute for the Future, a twenty-nine-year-old research and forecasting foundation located in Menlo Park, California.