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What Questions Are On Psychologists' Minds Today?
David G. Myers

First, with John Brockman's blessing, are the psychologists who responded to his question:

"Do humans have evolved homicide modules--evolved psychological mechanisms specifically dedicated to killing other humans under certain contexts?" — David Buss, University of Texas

"How will minds expand, once we understand how the brain makes mind?" — William H. Calvin, University of Washington

"However appropriate it may be for the economy, the 'market model' is a grossly inadequate model for the rest of human society. With the decline of religious conviction and the slow pace of changes in the legal code, how can we nurture persons and institutions that can resist a purely market orientation in all spheres of living?" — Howard Gardner, Harvard University

"Given the recent discovery on the origins of life from peptides rather than DNA, is it possible for us to create novel life forms with novel ways of thought?" Marc D. Hauser, Harvard University "Why is music such a pleasure?" — Nicholas Humphrey, New School for Social Research

"How does the brain represent the meaning of a sentence? — Steven Pinker, MIT

"Do emotions contribute to intelligence, and if so, what are the implications for the development of a technology of 'affective computing?'" — Robert Provine, University of Maryland