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Stewart Brand, Clay Shirky - Moderator: John Brockman
Palazzo Ducale Sala del Maggior Consiglio, Genoa, November 6th

"What will change everything? The web as a revolution of thought. Explained by three gurus of contemporary thought: Stewart Brand, John Brockman and Clay Shirky'



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"With science and technology we create new tools we recreate ourselves through out use of them. Until recently, however, these developments have not been subject to the democratic process: by choice or even a vote. No one ever voted for the introduction of printing. No one has ever voted for or against electricity, radio, telephone, the airplane. Nobody voted for penicillin, antibiotics, birth control pills. Or for space travel, the personal computer, internet, email, mobile phones, sequencing the human genome. We are proceeding towards a complete redefinition of our lives, even life itself. Reflecting on these issues is the president of Edge Foundation, John Brockman, environmental scientist, Stewart Brand and expert on the social and economic effects of the Web, Clay Shirky."

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On the Road in Milan and Genoa - 2010

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"WE ARE AS GODS AND MIGHT AS WELL GET GOOD AT IT" (The Whole Earth Catalog, 1969).
Stewart Brand, Piazza Del Duomo, Milan (2010)

Katinka Matson, Valentina Farolfi

Chiara Stangalino, Vittorio Bo, Codice

Paolo Zaninoni, RCS Rizzoli

Simona Morini, Luca Fromenton Macola, Il Saggiatore

Francesco Vezzoli, Cristina Harari,
Guido Harari

Massimo Tarantino, Vittorio Bo

Claudia Ribet, Benedetto Bo, Codice

Vittorio Bo, Mattia Macola, Paul Bloom, Katinka Matson, Marianna Albini

An Italian journalist writes about perspective, a notion that Italy sort of invented and then forgot. Because the future is the consequence of what we do today. Subjects: knowledge economy and happiness, social media and information ecology, value and vision.

Brockman & C.
November 6, 2010

John Brockman is a talent scout concerned with intellectuals. His story is that of a leader of the most humble and extraordinarily important cultural evolution: among the Digerati he was "the Connector".

I saw him yesterday with Stewart Brand, and Clay Shirky. Two giants of American innovative thinking. He has clearly contributed to their success and is respected by them. . But in turn he responds with empathy and a listening approach that seemed to underline that Brockman is an example, a teacher who does not cease to learn.

Stewart Brand was tired yesterday. But he gave a very important show of strength and intellectual freedom, that of an environmentalist capable of ideological pragmatic ideas without fear. Many years ago he had a catalog of products useful to people who wanted to build their lives in their own way. Now has a catalog of useful ideas for people who want to build their own way of thinking. From The Whole Earth Catalog, to Whole Earth Discipline. (Translated in Italy by Edizioni Codice.) What he is saying is open to question, but it's intellectually free.

But yesterday was also the night when I spoke at length with Clay Shirky. He's so cool. A fine mind - historical references, expertise networks, invention of ideas ... - He's the kind of person with whom you would be happy to eat a pizza. Eager to talk and exchange ideas. Very friendly and willing to listen, and to explain his point of view. New York feels like a place near Paris. And the University is still a living reality for all free thinkers.

(Thanks to Vittorio Bo, for the opportunity).

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