Izumi Aizu

IZUMI AIZU is associated with Asia Network Research, and The Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA). In 1990, he organized first HyperNetwork Conference in Oita to anticipate the new generation of network society. In 1991, he joined GLOCOM (Center for Global Communications), at the International University of Japan, as Planning Manager, and in 1993 he joined the newly established Institute for Hyper Network Society (IHNS) as Research Director. IHNS has its main office in Oita, a local city in Kyushu Island, and is actively involved in building the community networking with grassroots citizens as well as local government of Oita under the Governor Morihiko's strong leadership towards building the information society.

From around 1992, he started to study and promote Internetworking in Japan, giving strategic advise to Japanese telecommunications companies such as NTT and other private companies in information and media industries, and national and local government agencies. He has been member of many study groups on computer networks and informatization at Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, (MITI) Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) and other government agencies.

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