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Not too many people know Kip, but millions know his work. He doesn't need to be out front, because he is the one who is really making things happen. He is quiet, but driven, and even though he is very young, he understands how to motivate people. This guy is going places.

THE SEER(David Bunnell)

Kip Parent

The Webmaster

"A lot of corporate guys are saying that the Web is going to implode and that 40 percent of the companies on the Web today will be gone in six months. I think they are wrong. Interactive TV is what has imploded. We may very well see a merging of the ideas of interactive TV and the Web as we get broadband TCP/IP broadcasts via TV cables. We'll see a natural merging of the technology, but it'll be far better and far more powerful than people were thinking interactive TV would be in 1993. You're really going to have the opportunity to interact with it."

Today, Silicon Graphics is on the leading edge of the Internet, and until he left SGI to form Pantheon Interactive, Kip was responsible for all aspects of SGI's activities on the Web. This included managing creative, technical, production, and electronic sales staff; developing new Internet-based services; and evangelizing Internet products on behalf of Silicon Graphics at trade shows and industry conferences. He originated and launched Silicon Surf, SGI's award-winning Web site. It is one of the most accessed site on the Web, has been featured in dozens of books and magazine articles, and is the recipient of many widely respected Internet and Web awards, including "best site" by Interactive Age in 1995.

KIP PARENT is founder of Pantheon Interactive and is former electronic sales manager of Silicon Graphics.

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