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Jerry Michalski took over from Esther Dyson as Editor of Release 1.0 and has done a very good job. He tends to write on matters that are more immediately in front of us than Esther does, and therefore a lot of people find him a little more accessible.

THE THINKER (Douglas Carlston)

Jerry Michalski

The Pilgrim

"People want to connect. They also want to make a living. Pretty simple. If they can do both at the same time, even better. How do people form community or a communion; how do they get this feeling of connectedness to other people? What kind of technology does it take; does it even work through technology? The answer is yes."

JERRY MICHALSKI is the managing editor of Release 1.0, the newsletter published, and originally written and edited solely by Esther Dyson. He brings a new degree of accessibility to the newsletter, concentrating on business models, platforms, interfaces, architectures, convergence-systems-business, and, from time to time, the spiritual.