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Denise is one of the most clear-minded people I know, both in understanding industry dynamics and in understanding people's motivations. But she can be critical of people who aren't as noble-minded as she is.


Denise Caruso

The Idealist

"I refuse to use the word content," says Denise. "It's insulting. Artists create art; writers write ideas. The word will continue to be used, though, because media has become such a huge commercial enterprise. Everything is becoming a commodity - including art, including ideas."

Denise knows everyone. She can get anyone she wants on the phone. When you attend an industry conference and see Denise in one of her "colorful" black outfits, you know you've come to the right place. Her weekly column in The New York Times, "Digital Commerce," pulls no punches. She asks direct questions. She keeps people honest. People think she's tough, but the rational ones also know she's fair. The problem, she points out, is that people like the tough part when it concerns someone else and don't like it very much when it concerns them.

DENISE CARUSO runs Spotlight, an annual conference for interactive media industry executives. Her column, "Digital Commerce," appears in The New York Times.