Christopher Stringer

CHRISTOPHER STRINGER is one of the world's foremost palaeoanthropologists. He is a founder and most powerful advocate of the leading theory concerning our evolution: Recent African Origin or "Out of Africa". He has worked at The Natural History Museum, London since 1973, collaborating with scientists across all the disciplines of Palaeoanthropology, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society, with over 200 papers and books to his name. He currently leads the large and successful Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project (AHOB), and is beginning a new project which will revolutionise our knowledge of the spread of modern humans and the disappearance of the Neanderthals. His recent books include the acclaimed The Complete World of Human Evolution (2005, with Peter Andrews), and Homo britannicus (2006), which was recently short-listed for the Royal Society Science Book of the Year prize.

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