John Allen Paulos

JOHN ALLEN PAULOS, bestselling author, mathematician, and public speaker is professor of mathematics at Temple University in Philadelphia. In addition to being the author of a number of scholarly papers on mathematical logic, probability, and the philosophy of science, he has written Mathematics and Humor; I Think, Therefore I Laugh;Innumeracy - Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences;Beyond Numeracy - Ruminations of a Numbers Man; A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper;Once Upon a Number; A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market , and Irreligion:A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up. He also writes the "Who's Counting" column for

An active public speaker whose talks are both illuminating and humorous, he has spoken to audiences from the Smithsonian (three times) to Harvard's Nieman Journalism Fellows and Hasty Pudding Club, from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences to colleges and universities (including a recent commencement assembly at the University of Wisconsin), and from business and financial forums (at companies such as AT&T, Goodyear, and Tandy-Radio Shack) to a variety of academic and and mathematics associations.

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