Esther Dyson

ESTHER DYSON is a journalist and commentator on emerging digital technology, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Previously, Dyson and her company EDventure specialized in analyzing the impact of emerging technologies and markets on economies and societies. Dyson is a board member and active investor in a variety of start-ups, mostly in online services, health care/genetics, and space travel, among them Cygnus Solutions, Flickr,, Eventful, Netbeans, Powerset, Systinet, ZEDO, CV-Online, Medscape, and Medstory.

Dyson's publications on technology include: Release 1.0, her monthly technology-industry newsletter, published by EDventure Holdings; Release 2.0: A design for living in the digital age, her 1997 book on how the Internet affects individuals' lives; Release 3.0, her bimonthly column for the New York Times; Release 4.0, her weblog. She is an occasional contributor and sits on the advisory board of a new Open Access, Open Source, Open Peer Review journal, the Journal of Participatory Medicine. Dyson is an adviser to the First Monday journal, and an occasional contributor to Arianna Huffington's online Huffington Post as Release 0.9.

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