John Barrow
Paul Bloom
John Brockman



David Buss
Antonio Damasio
Richard Dawkins
Daniel C. Dennett
The Murderer
Next Door
DesCartes' Error
The Ancestor's Tale

Sweet Dreams



Keith Devlin   Thomas DeZengotita
Jared Diamond
Niles Eldredge

The Math Instinct


Why We Do It



Kenneth Ford
  Joel Garreau
Neil Gershenfeld
Rebecca Goldstein

The Quantum World

Radical Evolution





Brian Greene
Haim Harari
Sam Harris
Gerald Holton

The Fabric
of the Cosmos

A View From the
Eye of the Storm

The End of Faith
Victory & Vexation in Science



John Horgan   George Johnson
Steven Johnson
Ray Kurzweil

Rational Mysticism
Miss Leavitt's Stars
Everything Bad
Is Good For You

The Singularity Is Near



Armand Marie Leroi
Benoit Mandlebrot
Gary Marcus
John Markoff

The (Mis)Behavior
of Markets

The Birth of the Mind

What the Dormouse Said...



Earnst Mayr  
Ian McEwan
James O'Donnell
Roger Penrose

What Makes
Biology Unique


The Road to Reality



Cliff Pickover
  Steven Pinker
Lisa Randall
John Searle

A Passion For Mathematics

The Blank Slate

Warped Passages

Mind: A Brief



Martin E.P. Seligman   Michael Shermer
Robert Trivers
Edward O. Wilson

Authentic Happiness
Science Friction

Natural Selection
and Social Theory:
Selected Papers
On Human Nature